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Serving as a leader within the Atlanta area, PN Services has provided specialties in the TV Film/Production Industry. While utilizing reliable and skilled security guards and off duty law enforcement officers throughout the state of Georgia, PN Services has been committed to following the highest level of professionalism and code of ethics.


  • TV / Film Set Security.
  • Studio Security.
  • Executive Protection.
  • Commercial Security.
  • Industrial and Construction.
  • Plainclothes


TV / Film Set Security.

Unarmed guards cover a wide variety of responsibilities for our clients. Our team will ensure peace of mind and protection for your equipment and property.

Studio Security.

Our team will help maintain a safe and secure environment for the client by actively monitoring the premises.

Executive Protection.

Executive Guards are trained to avoid dangerous situations while providing physical security for high profile individuals, celebrities, and politicians.

Commercial Security.

Trusted guard presence that will deter criminal activity while working to secure your business.

Industrial and Construction.

Assist in monitoring facilities, warehouses, and construction sites. Our guards will cover the client’s needs ranging from securing equipment, property, and access to the site.


Our team will assist the client in assessing the premises, protecting the client’s assets, and help to make people feel comfortable and at ease.